Monday, October 11, 2010


i now realize that women are B****es..NOT ALL of them..but MOST of them..
i dont mean to be sexist or anything..but my life experiences proved it to me..
not just me..LOADS of my guy friends whos been CHEATED on..seriously..
women complain and blame that guys arent faithful.. but in truth, and biologically,women tend to 
CHEAT on their male partner and BULLSHIT about it..seriously..after reading about the female mind,through many blogs,i do stand firm and say that women are WAY LESS faithful than men..

-this post is dedicated to my broken hearted friend "A"..sabar dude.u deserve a better girl..


  1. Partly true. I've been in the same boat too. My ex cheated on me with 5 different women. T_T


    Owh God even until know I cant forget/forgive apa yang dia buat.

  2. whoa.5?thats like over the limit..
    i wonder why is it, that the hot girls and hot guys can NEVER stay single? is it in their genes to cheat or something? *sighs.

  3. pitty.
    sape soh crik awek yg lawa n hot.
    crik ar yg biase2 je..
    sdap mata memandang.
    yg soleha ke..
    ttup aurat ke..
    yg biase2 je (yg pntng setia n jjur)
    klu crik yg hot2, muka lawa, sure ar ramai yg pndng.
    si awek plak bangga ar.dorng de bnyk plihan coz dorng hot n lawa.
    ble dorg tiggl'n korg nangis x brlagu larr..

  4. ye..betul tu.."sebaik2 perhiasan,adalah wanita soleha."..
    im just saying,alot of my friends yg ada awek hot,kebnykkan end up in heartbreak..